kidsINNscience in brief

Innovation in Science Education - Turning Kids on to Science develops adaptive strategies to facilitate innovation of curricula and teaching and learning of science and technology (S&T) in formal and informal settings.
The overall aim is to enhance the interest of young people in S&T and in science careers.
Diversity and inclusiveness, gender equity and activity based and learner centered approaches are explicitly taken into account throughout the whole project.

The aims were to

  • facilitate educationalists at different positions in the educational system to operate more creatively within the system
  • help generate changes toward more active learning systems in S&T education
  • improve performance and interest in S&T among young people

But: innovations that work well in one context do not automatically work well in another, so the main research interest of the team of kidsINNscience was: how to transfer innovation in S&T education from one educational context to another, from one country to another?

Project information folders are available in

To read more about the research activities and results of kidsINNscience, a presentation-booklet and published articles in various languages are available in the section Results.

kidsINNscience is a collaborative SICA action funded under the 7th European Framework Programme.
From November 2009 to July 2013, experts from eight countries in Europe and two in Latin America work together to facilitate the innovation process of S&T education in the participating countries.

updated: 27.7.2013
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